Papercut & Paste: Make a Zine with Suzanne Sutherland

From sci-fi writers, to punks and riot grrrls, people have been making zines for nearly 100 years. What's a zine about? Anything you want! Join YA author and former zine librarian Suzanne Sutherland to explore the history of zine-making and learn to make your own from start to finish.

Facilitated at various branches of the Toronto Public Library, 2016 to 2020

This workshop is also available in a virtual format.

Selected Panels and Events

  • University of Toronto: Guest Lecturer, "Effective Writing", August 2021.

  • Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) Virtual Marketplace: Publisher Booth, May 2021

  • University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies: Second Reader, Creative Writing Final Project, April 2021

  • Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) Kids Book Fest: Virtual Pitch Perfect, October 2020

  • Whistler Writers Festival: Panelist, "Insights from Insiders - Trade Publishing in Canada Today" and Virtual Literary Speed-Dating, October 2020

  • Toronto Public Library Teens: YA Author Virtual Q&A, June 2020

  • Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD): Virtual Pitch Perfect, May 2020

  • Northern Hearts Conference: Pitch Sessions and YA Panel, September 2019

  • Ryerson University: Panelist, "Careers in English", June 2019 

  • Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD): Pitch Perfect, May 2019

  • West End Phoenix: Co-Host, "Double or Nothing" Fundraiser and Party, May 2019

  • Ryerson University: Panelist, "Careers in English", June 2018

  • University of Toronto Mississauga Scribes: Publishing Panel, February 2018

  • Whistler Writers Festival: Panelist, "Publishers Round Table" and Literary Speed-Dating, October 2017

  • CANSCAIP Packaging Your Imagination: Panelist, "Publishers and Agents" and One-on-One Manuscript Evaluations, November 2016

  • Word on the Street Toronto: Judge, Inspire Teen Reads Competition, September 2016

  • Canadian Writers' Summit First Page Challenge: YA/Children’s Edition, June 2016

  • University of Toronto Hart House Literary and Library Committee: YA Panel, November 2014

  • Word on the Street Toronto: Host, "Broken Pencil Magazine's Zine Race", September 2014

  • Investing in Children's Book Camp London: “My Path to Publication and the World of Children’s Publishing”, August 2014

  • Word on the Street Toronto: YA Panel "We Found Love in a Hopeless Place", September 2013