Jordan and Max, Showtime

Illustrated by Michelle Simpson

"Explores the concepts of friendship and acceptance of yourself and others…Highly Recommended." - CM Magazine

It's hard to stay invisible when you really want to shine.

Jordan had a tough time with the other kids at his old school. So, on his first day at Massey Elementary, he has a plan: to be absolutely invisible. His new classmates don't need to know that his grandmother is his best friend or that they put on shows together dressing up in elaborate costumes each night in their apartment.


When he's forced to pair up with Max, a loud-mouthed loner with a love for Hawaiian shirts, Jordan's cover of invisibility threatens to be blown completely. But with the help of his partner's unique artistic vision, Jordan begins to see that his sparkling secret deserves to be revealed.

Look for Jordan and Max, Field Trip! in Fall 2022!

Under the Dusty Moon

Junior Library Guild Selection

VOYA Top Shelf Selection

Toronto Public Library Top Ten Recommended Read for Teens

Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Book for Kids and Teens

She's with the band, whether she likes it or not.

Broken bones, indie games, and an accidental trip to a nude beach: one strange and magical summer will change Victoria Mahler's life forever.

Praise for Under the Dusty Moon:


"Micky and Victoria careen through their loving, raunchy, and rocky relationship. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll all rolled up in an appealing package."  — Booklist


"Readers will cringe at Vic’s failures and cheer for her triumphs." — Kirkus Reviews


"A well-crafted portrait of the punk rock potential found in unlikely sources." 

— National Post


"Sutherland nails the unglamorous reality of the city’s sweltering summers with refreshingly true-to-life characters." — Globe and Mail 


"Provides intimate glimpses into a mother and daughter's unorthodox shifting relationship set against the particular hum of the city." — Quill & Quire

Something Wiki


Finalist for the Speaker's Young Authors Award

Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids and Teens Starred Selection


Instead of writing in a diary, twelve-year-old Jo Waller secretly edits Wikipedia entries to cope with the worst year of her life.


Jo Waller has three brainy friends, two mostly harmless parents, and one deep, dark secret: she edits Wikipedia for fun. But when her twenty-four-year-old brother moves back home with his pregnant girlfriend, Jo is forced to reconcile the idealized version of her absent, cool older brother with the reality of romantic relationships and the truth behind so many embarrassing health class videos.

Praise for Something Wiki:


"A charming and painfully honest portrayal of the ups, downs and cruelty of tween girl friendships, with a non-sugar-coated ending that feels both real and hopeful."

Susin Nielsen, author of The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen


"Sutherland skillfully explores the preteen search for unique identity." 

 School Library Journal


"A sweet little novel about a preteen girl who just wants to be heard."  National Post


"The writing is fresh and original and right from the start Jo is a person the reader cares about."  Resource Links

When We Were Good


Updated edition now available on Wattpad

Finalist for the inaugural Speaker's Young Authors Award

Selected for the American Library Association's Rainbow List


A story about grief, girls and guitars.


The year 2000 isn’t starting out too well for Toronto high school senior Katherine Boatman. Not only has her oldest friend ditched her for yet another boyfriend, her beloved grandmother died on New Year’s Eve leaving a void of goodness in her life that Katherine’s not sure how to fill. While overwhelmed with sadness and self-doubt, Katherine unexpectedly finds new love, both for Toronto's underground music scene and for her would-be saviour: a straight edge, loud mouth misfit named Marie. As Katherine seeks comfort in jagged guitars, mind-reading poets and honest conversations, she struggles to figure out not only what she and Marie might mean to each other, but also what it truly means to be good.

Praise for When We Were Good:


"Set on Toronto streets in the year 2000, Sutherland’s first novel keeps the story fresh. A bit like Weetzie Bat with the wings ripped off." — The Globe and Mail


"When We Were Good doesn’t eschew teenage romance and bildungsroman narratives, but instead employs them through the lens of queerness and mental health, transforming them into something new and gleaming and important. "  Weird Canada