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Jordan and Max, Field Trip!

Illustrated by Michelle Simpson

It’s everyone’s favorite day of winter semester: the class field trip to the museum!

Jordan is excited to see the mummies and Max can’t wait for his first trip to the big city without his big sisters watching over him. But when Jordan gets distracted by an extraordinary costume display and Max flies off to the depths of the Bat Cave, the group carries on to lunch without them. Before the two friends know it, their class has left the museum and they’re all alone downtown!

Jordan knows they should find their classmates, but it’s hard to do the responsible thing when there is so much to do in the city. With Max at his side, the pair run wild: dancing alongside street musicians and tasting food from every single vendor they can find. Just when they think the day couldn’t get any more interesting, Jordan and Max find themselves in a strange neighborhood after dark where an even stranger ceremony is getting underway…a winter solstice celebration!

Praise for Jordan and Max, Field Trip!

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"Jordan and Max demonstrate endearing levels of empathy and generosity...A chapter book with strengths in terms of diversity and social emotional learning." -School Library Journal

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